South America Pt.1 - Christian Riefenberg

The South-American continent stretches roughly 7500kms from north to the very south. On my journey in 2015 I decided to stay along the west-coast, to make my way down from Colombia to Patagonia. Knowing that six months would be a very tight schedule to see it all when you using only public transport and hitchhiking. South America is not just South America, it is as different as a continent can be, sharing only the same language across the continent. Part 1 of the journey will show a piece of Colombia and Ecuador while Part 2 covers Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

A journey from the colorful and buzzing metropolitan areas of Colombia to the remote highlands and towering volcanos of Ecuador


After three months of surfing in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama I realized that I havent had a cohesive plan for what came next. So a few days before I had to leave Panama a friend who just did his study abroad in Medellien called me and convinced me to visit Colombia. So without any preparation I flew from the beaches of panama into the buzzing life of Medellien. 

Our journey can be described like that: lets try to get somehow south, towards Ecuador. It is such an refreshing experience to have no strings attached to anything and just go with the flow. 


After spending quite some time in urban areas during our stay in Colombia, Ecuador was all about erupting volcanos, small mountain villages, hikes to over 5000m and some very cold nights. We basically spent 3 weeks over 3000m which isnt hard when you are in Ecuador but still took some time to get used to the altitude. One of the things that impressed me the most during my entire stay in South America were definitely the nights we spend close to the evacuation zone on the spitting Cotopaxi. With 5897m the second highest peak of Ecuador and one of the mightiest volcanos you cam imagine.

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