The indonesian archipelago contains over 17.000 islands and is the biggest island state in the world. With only two months time our group of four tried to grasp some of the vastness and varitey this nation holds on offer. While 255 million citizens inherent this country the experience can be both overwhelming and frustrating. Against all odds of westernization and tourism a fragment of the indonesian heart is still alive and yet to explore.

My friend Milo put together a well made video-clip of our journey.

A visual journey from buzzing Bali to Lombok and the remote beaches of West Tenggara



While gathering plenty of kilometers on our tiny scooters transiting Lombok I was wondering about the million of scenes that may never occured, but were there to grab along the road. These are only a few places we randomly stopped by without ever having it planned. What a pure and refreshing moment it is when two different cultures ran into each other. If we would have continued, some scenes would never happend the way they did, not to them not to us.

West Tenggara

The rewards of not having an airport where people come in masses from all over the world. No airport shuttles transporting hordes to their 5* air-con hotel. No artificially established tourist attractions. Just purity, separted by a strait only 20km´s of width.

Left alone from the world outside, it´s only regularly visited by surfers. Most likely you will find the only white people when in the water.

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