About Chris

Words have been used to much. Everything that there is to say has been said already. Buried under the monotony of repetition, words have been used carelessly by tongues not knowing nor appreciating their true meaning.

Photography to me is respect. Respect to the world we were given to live in. Through the photos I take, I try to give some of that respect back to what I capture, appreciating its beauty no matter if it is nature, architecture or people. With my images, I hope to make an impact on how we see and treat the world, ourselves and others.

My photography roots in my love to nature and sport. The possibilities to become creative in the outdoors and interpret it in your very own way fascinated me since I can remember. Only by using your body and tools like surfboards, snowboards, bikes  etc. you can express yourself in the terrain that surrounds you in a million different ways. The only limit to that creativity is your imagination.  This is where my love for photography falls in. Trying to capture the vastness of nature combined with the dynamical human approach to use this playground.

As a self-taught photographer, I never enjoyed a photography school in the traditional sense. Thus, I had to put plenty of effort into teaching myself everything I wanted to know and experienced frustrating as well as lifting trial and error moments. Always willing to run the extra mile. I don’t regret a single moment of this journey as there are no shortcuts in life.

Photography taught me that every moment is ephemeral like the waves of the ocean. Once it broke on the shore, it is gone forever and with it every evidence of its existence. What remains is a photo of a certain moment in time and the question if the way how you spent that moment improved your life or the life of others in the smallest of ways?

Be as humble as possible.

Christian Riefenberg
6071 Aldrans, Austria
+43 670 6073178
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